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Los Angeles縣登記註冊處/書記處為近期結婚的夫妻核發結婚許可證,甚至可以舉行公證結婚儀式,祇需支付少許費用。 夫妻獲得結婚許可證,並參加合格結婚儀式之後,結婚許可證將成為結婚證書,並且必須交還到登記註冊處/書記處註冊備案。

Los Angeles縣登記註冊處/書記處祇為在Los Angeles縣內舉行的婚禮註冊結婚證書。 如果您在其他州或California縣結婚,登記註冊處/書記處無法註冊您的結婚證書,也不會為您的婚姻註冊存檔。

Los Angeles縣登記註冊處/書記處 不保存 任何離婚記錄或資訊。 如需索取離婚記錄資訊,請前往 Los Angeles縣高等法院

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Alert - COVID-19

The Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk will close all of its offices to the public effective Monday, March 16 as a precautionary measure to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, all mail and online orders are experiencing processing delays. Thank you for your patience and please click here for updated information regarding COVID-19.