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New Voting Experience

Easy. Convenient. Accessible.

Vote CenterlogoVote Centers

In L.A. County, we have upgraded from polling places to Vote Centers. Voters now have the option to cast a ballot in-person at any Vote Center in the County. Vote Centers look and feel like polling places, but provide additional modern features to make voting easy and convenient.

A full list of Vote Centers for the November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election will be made available very soon.

Voting Period logoVoting Period

Having a single day to vote in-person is now a thing of the past. Voters in L.A. County will now be able to vote early in-person at any Vote Center Countywide.

Voters can go to ANY Vote Center in L.A. County

BMD logoBallot Marking Device

The benefits of technology for an easy and accessible voting experience - with a paper ballot.

The Ballot Marking Device makes it easy for voters to customize the voting experience to fit their needs. Voters can access 13 languages, adjust the touch screen to a comfortable angle, change the display settings such as text size and contrast or go through the ballot using the audio headset and control pad.

Security remains a top priority for L.A. County, that’s why this device is not connected to a network or the internet. The easy-to-follow instructions can guide any voter through the voting process without the need for assistance.

Previously, voters with mobility or visual challenges were asked to go to a separate voting booth; not any more. The Ballot Marking Device provides all the accessibility features previously available and upgrades them all into one device.

Facts on the Ballot Marking Device

ISBlogoInteractive Sample Ballot

A convenient way to speed up the voting process allowing voters to make their selections before going to a vote center.

The Interactive Sample Ballot is a convenient option for voters who want to access and mark their selections prior to arriving at the vote center. Using a computer, mobile phone or personal device voters’ can review their ballot information and make their selections. After going through the selection process the Interactive Sample Ballot creates a Poll Pass (QR code) – like an airline boarding pass.

At the vote center, voters scan the Poll Pass to transfer their selections to the Ballot Marking Device (BMD). Then, a review screen will display allowing voters a chance to make changes or cast their ballot.


Facts on the Interactive Sample Ballot

E-Pollbook logoElectronic Pollbook

A modern way to check-in and update your registration at any vote center in the County.

The Electronic Pollbooks (ePollbook) will replace the printed list of voters and will be used by vote center staff to verify the registration eligibility of a voter in real time. Additionally, ePollbooks will indicate if a voter has already voted anywhere in the County and will not allow voting at multiple locations.

The voter information on the ePollbooks is not connected to the Ballot Marking Device or the tally system. They remain independent from one another to protect a voter's personal information. Printed ballots do not contain any voter information.

Facts on the Electronic Pollbook

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