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About Voting

Man at Polls With Vote Sign

A polling place is the physical location where voters go to vote on Election Day. It is equipped with separate and private voting booths, voting materials and voting assistance items. Polling locations are staffed with pollworkers who can assist you with the voting process.

Your polling place can be found on the back of your Official Sample Ballot, in the link to your E-Sample Ballot or by searching the polling place lookup.

Polling places are typically open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in multiple locations across Los Angeles County on Election Day.

Find your polling place here: Polling Place Lookup

What to bring with you to your polling place on Election Day?

  • Official Sample Ballot
  • Vote by Mail Ballot if you are a Vote by Mail voter
  • Photo ID, utility bill, or government-issued document with name and residence address if you are a new citizen or a first-time voter who did not indicate your driver's license on your registration
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