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Pollworker Training

The RR/CC has a comprehensive pollworker training program tailored to prepare you in ensuring a positive experience on Election Day.

The RR/CC offers online pollworker training for Clerks, Inspectors, and Coordinators. This training will review important information covered during your in-person training class. Please note that online training is required for Inspectors and Coordinators.

In-Person Pollworker Training

All pollworkers serving on Election Day should attend an in-person training. Please note that in-person training is required for Inspectors, NVC Directors, Reservists and Coordinators. We offer training conveniently located across Los Angeles County.

Questions? Ask Wanda

Got questions about procedures at the polling place or something you did not fully understand at training class? Email questions to or call the toll-free number at (800)815-2666, option 7.

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