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Check-in Center Status (100% closed)
Check-in Centers receive ballots after polls close on Election Night. A status of “closed” indicates all ballots from precincts reporting to that Check-in Center have been received.
LocationTotal PrecinctsStatusTime Closed
CIC 343 - LOS FELIZ 15CLOSED12/05/17 10:09:45 PM
CIC 353 - EAGLE ROCK 48CLOSED12/05/17 10:01:52 PM
CIC 363 - FIGUEROA 36CLOSED12/05/17 10:03:28 PM
CIC 693 - WIDNEY 8CLOSED12/05/17 9:45:23 PM
CIC 773 - BOYLE HEIGHTS 22CLOSED12/05/17 9:43:55 PM
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