November 5, 2019

Registration Process

The candidate filing period for the November 5, 2019 LOCAL AND MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS commences on July 15 through August 9. If a declaration of candidacy for an incumbent is not filed by August 8, the filing period will be extended to August 10 through 14. Note: The extension period does not apply when there is no incumbent up for re-election and the office is listed as "Vacant".

During the candidate filing period, a candidate must sign and submit a Candidate Registration and Qualification (CRQ) form. It is the candidate's responsibility to sign and submit a completed CRQ form to the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. The CRQ provides the information necessary for the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk to confirm the candidate's qualification status and prepare the official Nomination Documents. The CRQ is not an official candidate nomination document.

To expedite the registration and qualification process, a candidate may provide the necessary information to the Registrar by filling out and transmitting the "Online Candidate Registration and Qualification Form" (CRQ) on or before the final filing deadline established by law. Also a blank form may be obtained for this purpose at the Registrar's Office.

This office will process the transmitted CRQ form within 48 hours (excluding weekends/holidays). All candidates bear the full responsibility to execute and file official filing documents prepared and issued by this office no later than the legal filing deadline established by law. If for any reason the CRQ form is not accepted or does not qualify you for the office chosen, you will be notified by telephone within 48 hours (excluding weekends/holidays) and provided with the reason for not accepting the form.

Key Dates
First and Last Day For Nomination Papers July 15 through August 9
Extension of Nomination Period if Incumbent Fails to File by August 9

August *10 through August 14

*8/10 (Sat.) and 8/11 (Sun.) - Our office will be closed

Deadline for Transmitting CRQ August 8, 2019 - At 11:59pm
Deadline for Requesting Nomination by Mail August 1, 2019 - At 11:59pm