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Citizens Residing Outside the United States

Frequently Asked Questions About Voter Registration

  • Who can register to vote?

  • When can I register to vote?

  • How can I get a form to register to vote?

  • I registered at a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office. Why does the County say I'm not registered?

  • What if I just moved and did not re-register? Will I be eligible to vote?

  • I would like to register and vote, but I am a public figure. Will my address be made public?

  • I became a new citizen by participating in a naturalization ceremony after the registration deadline. Can I still register and vote?

  • May I register to vote at my business address or may I use my P.O. Box number?

  • I am a college student living on or around campus, away from home. Can I register with my college residence address?

  • I did not vote in the last election. Do I need to re-register?

  • Is identification required to register to vote?

  • Can an ex-felon register to vote and be eligible to vote?

  • Why is the DMV involved in voter registration?

  • What if my name, address, or political party affiliation changes?

  • May I sign a petition if I am not registered to vote?

  • Is it true that voter registration lists are used to select citizens for jury duty?

  • If I cancel my voter registration, can I be certain that I will not get a summons for jury duty?

  • I speak another language. How can I register?

Miscellaneous Information

  • I would like to run for office. What are the qualifications and requirements?

  • How can I find out my districts?

  • How do I get election results?

Vote by Mail Ballots

  • How can I request an absentee ballot?

  • When can I apply for an absentee ballot?

  • How do I turn in my absentee ballot on Election Day?

  • If I request an absentee ballot, can I change my mind and still vote at my polling place?

  • Are there circumstances under which a voter can be required to vote an absentee ballot?

  • I received an absentee ballot application from a political campaign. Is it legal to use?

  • When is the last day to return my voted absentee ballot?

  • I am physically challenged/disabled and I must vote by mail. Do I have to apply for an absentee ballot for each election?

Voters with Specific Needs

  • Is there oral assistance or written voting material available in languages other than English?

  • I am disabled/physically challenged. What voting choices are available to me?


  • Where do I go to vote/where is my polling place?

  • What are the poll hours of operation?

  • Why has my polling place changed?

  • What if my polling place is not open when I arrive election morning?

  • What are the qualified political parties?

  • Can I vote for someone whose name is not listed on the ballot?

  • If I do not know what to do when I get to the polling place, will someone help me?

  • Can I take my sample ballot booklet or my own written voting choices into the voting booth?

  • What form of identification is acceptable at the polls for voters whose status is new?

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