"Meet Dots"

Meet Dots


We want to share the excitement about our new mascot for the InkaVote system, a four month old Dalmation puppy! She's an expert on "dots". When born, she was a clean slate just like the ballot on Election Day. Then at 6 weeks she began to acquire dots!

On Election Day, November 2nd, you'll need to remind voters to check their ballots to make sure they marked their ballots as intended.

Since the demise of punch cards, the slogan "Got Chad?" has changed to "Got Dots?". At Training Class all pollworkers will be given a fun Got Dots button to wear on Election Day.

When voters pick up the marking device in the voting booth many will be marking a "dot" by their ballot choices for the first time. To avoid voters making mistakes, we need you to demonstrate the new InkaVote system to each voter. Reminding voters to check for dots on all their choices will assure their votes will be counted.